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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Do you believe in healing effect of the Gemstones?

I just bought a new bracelet, made from garnet gemstone, the seller claimed that this stone has the healing effect such as it will make you feel healthier and has more evergy.I never believe in this kind of thing. They said scientifically the vibration of the gemstone molecule will make your blood run smoothly. Though never believe in this theory, i bought it because i really like the color. Look at the photos, nice color ...emm??

I've been wearing it for almost a week now, and the funny thing is , every single night after wearing it i never feel tired. I can cook, do laundry , housekeeping , water my plant, monitor my daughters with the homework....etc, etc... I just feel wierd, but i dont want to believe in a thing without a proof. so i start my self-research in the internet ,and this is what i found....

Garnet in Mental HealingBecause of the shared similarities in physical and compositional traits, the garnet family of stones (for the most part) also share similar healing properties. In light of the above, the different colors and different chemistries of garnet varieties allow them to have some healing properties exclusive to that particular crystal. Green garnets, such as Tsavorite (a form of grossular garnet), some Andradites and African Jade (also a form of grossular garnet), are associated with bringing peace, pureness of thought, unobscured mental capacity, and creativity. Green garnets are another of the healing crystals that bring aide in meditation and focus. Orange garnets, such as Mandarin, orange Malaya, rare shades of Spessartite, orange Almandites and some Grossulars, are associated with energy of commitment. Orange garnets help an individual to solemnly dedicate themselves to any endeavor that captures the need for awaited attention. Purple-colored garnets like Mozambique and Grape possess the tenacity to make subtle anxieties and stress brought on by worry and unrest. They also make stable a mind that is not otherwise regulated. The most common form of garnets readily available and more commonly known are the various shades of red. Red garnets, like many red crystals are associated with passion. Though many red stones are found to heal the slings and arrows that love throws our way, it is not necessarily the sole healing function of this and other red healing gems. Along with being a gem the ignites and refuels the red fires of passion and romance, it also sets ablaze the inner fires of self-confidence, creativity and reflection. Since anger causes the body's physical temperature to increase, the opposing fire of positive energy from which garnet burns, can be used against tantrums and episodes of angst. Garnet has also been identified by healers as another of the vivid dreaming stones and one of past remembrance. The Garnet family, in general mental healing, is a jewel of life, love and purity enhancing vitality (the life force), commitment in indecisiveness and sexuality. It's regenerating and warming attributes help it not only to cleanse and renew, but also help to comfort, protect and inspire.
Garnet and the ChakrasWith respect to the Chakras, garnet is readily associated with (2nd) Centre and the Base/Root/Spine (1st) Centre. Garnet not only clears the blockage of negative energy from these areas, it also is used in the healing and enhancing of the activities that occur within and via the centre. Within the realm of the 2nd Chakra (that of the Navel/Sexual/Spleen), garnet has many functions. It acts as a vehicle for the passion and spirituality that are involved in emotional character of sexuality to communicate and influence the physical aspects. It aides in administering both healing and romantic energy when levels are low or difficult to obtain. For this reason, garnet is a healing stone for those who desire a spark in an existing or in beginning a relationship. It has also been highly utilized in helping to heal and energize those who feel they have been sexually weakened (by self-consciousness or other means). Physically some have used it to aide in relieving the negative energy that blocks the sexual centre related to infertility. As a stone of sexual power, garnet acts to renew, awaken and heal the sexual centre. For the Base/Root/Spine (1st Chakra), garnet helps by absorbing energy from locations in the body where there exists surplus and filters it into a fresh and positive energy that is very usable and stimulating to the Base. It not only stabilizes the foundation, it also arouses and initiates energies related to peak performance in life.
Physical HealingGarnet's emotional and mental healing associated with purification, regeneration and warmth also carry over to it's qualities of physical healing. As a healer and protector from toxins, garnet is recognized as a remedy in the body's fight against food poisoning and blood toxicity. It is also known for aiding in treatments against infection of the kidney, lung and facial (irritations, inflammation and blemishes) and area. The garnet family is also an aid to therapy for disorders of the heart (including low blood pressure), bones and spine, blood, pulmonary and even sleeping disorders. It has even been noted to provide gallstone relief and also work down to a cellular level. Because of it's warming energies, it is also used therapeutically for frostbite, aching muscles, arthritis and other discomforts relating to the joints. In early history, recordings of garnet use to treat jaundice and yellow fever were made. Today, garnet is still used by healers to treat fever and even balance antibodies and hormones.

from http://www.jewelrysupplier.com/2_garnet/garnet_healing.htm

and somemore .....

GarnetGarnet is a stone of romantic love and passion. It is used in metaphysics to enhance sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy. It is said to bring positive thoughts and boosts energy, and be excellent for manifestation. It can also assist mystically with success in one's career and building one's self-confidence. It is also a protective energy stone which is especially effective for protection from evil, and is used for gentle spiritual healing. Lore says that garnet can heal the blood, heart and lungs. Garnet is associated primarily with the root chakra, but also with other chakras depending on its color.

from: http://www.crystalsandjewelry.com/metaphysicalproperties_g.html

which never really explain it scientifically.

as a muslim, i avoid believing in anything that can be consider 'khurafat'. I just dont know , and want to know whether this thing really work and how it work?