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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The runaway bibik.

Today is the 3rd day that ungrateful bibik run away from our house. Still, the moment wakeup early in the morning i thought i heard she's doing the cleaning downstair before i realized that stupid *** has gone away.

She was gone on exactly the 14th day she was here. It was well planned, its just us who never realized a well planned complot.sebenarnya i feel fishy on the same day i brought her home. the photo in the passport was obviously a different person. i mentioned it to my hubby but i said i can close 1 eye if she's doing a good job. she did. she wokeup as early as 5 ( only 2 times she overslept until 6:00). As i dont allow her to cook( i still cook by myself) or take care of my kids, the only task she did was just housekeeping and take care of the laundry.during weekdays we left her alone at home as the kids went to nursery after school. On the fourth day, i suspect she go out to the shop but she denied it.she said.."mana mungkin kakak... takde passport mana saya berani keluar"...(Cisss...:-)). then i thought its just my mistake as i was too cautious. i never ask her again.

one thing fishy about her was her accent. she speak a lil bit like "orang KL" but of course with indonesian accent. when asked she admit that she was in Malaysia (shah alam) for many-many years. 2 years working in the factory and a few years as bibik , taking care of old sick man in shah alam. owh... how come it was never mention in the particular that i received from the agent. the info said that this bibik never been to Malaysia and this is the firt time.

after a week we have a conversation. then i asked about her 4 months baby that she left with her sister in Medan. i asked her about how long she breastfed her baby and she said she stop only after a month.

me: sayang la bibik..kenapa kamu berenti awal..
bibik: susu tak de sendiri kak..
me: kenapa?
bibik: mungkin sebab saya mengubat orang...
me: ubat orang? kamu terkena buatan orang?
bibik: bukan, saya boleh ubatkan orang
me : macammana?
bibik: saya boleh cari orang hilang, ubatkan orang yang tak dapat anak, bagi mudah bersalin ...ada lain lagi la...
me: oooh... macammana kamu ubatkan?
bibik: saya kena kerasukan. ada benda masuk dalam badan saya.
me: benda tu kamu dapat dari mana?
bibik: nenek saya yang turunkan pada saya. sebab tu saya tak boleh solat kalau saya solat muka saya bengkak-bengkak dan kepala saya kena hantuk-hantk.
me: kalau macam tu nyata-nyata yang kamu dapat tu ilmu salah. syaitan.
bibik: tu la kak..kalau ada duit nanti saya nak buang ( honestly i dun believe her)
me: then masa kat medan kamu ubatkan orang.
bibik: ye.. tapi kat sana penat saja... tak kaya-kaya pun...orang kat sana tak macam orang kat sini ... tak de duit bagi pun sikit2 je..
me: owh..masa kat sini dulu pun kamu ada ubatkan orang?
bibik: banyak... saya pernah naik keta api dari KL ke butterworth sebab ada orang panggil untuk ubatkan dia.

cis..cis... at this point i felt that i was cheated...and feel scary too.. what if she perform a satanic ritual in my house. I'm supposed to let her take care of my coming soon baby. will i dare to let her after i know things like this?

i need to prepare b/fast now. will continue later...:-)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Radix FC

It has been ages since the last time i update this blog. i just move my working corner from my bedroom to the working room to make way for the baby cot. with the moving i pack my home lappy into the bag and just open it yesterday. i tried, several time to post from my handphone but just cannot make myself to do it. somehow when talking about posting long blog entrance, i still need the laptop ( and a proper working corner to get the mood)
Last to week we went sungai Petani to fetch the maid. We stop and have dinner at Radix FC owned by HPA(al-wahida marketing). quite a number of people inside there( the support is ok i guess). seeing all the setting and environment of the restaurant , i m proud that its owned by one of the muslim company. At least we can guarantee that the food is 100% halal.

The taste of the food also not bad.. well..uhh... we cannot really compare it with KFC who has existed so long time ago and has gone through so many iteration of improvement. What i like most was the rozel drink that come with the value meal so you dont have to add money to change from soft drink like other fast food. But as customer, i would like to share a few of my 2 cents ( and no... i dont intent to degrade them , but i hope if somehow this feedback reach them, the company can take it as an input for improvement).

One thing , the food was cold. everything from chicken to bun and mashed potato. And you know what does a cold KFC tasted like. Sorry but i cannot finished my food. There were few other things that i want to feedback that day( now i forgot already) . I was looking around to find any feedback form ( like other new restaurant used to have but cannot find any)

i really like to see them grow. Its kinda of a good feeling to know that muslim also can run such a fastfood like that , but really if they want to move forward, there are still many thing to put into consideration.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a tribute to lazy/buzy mummy: spaghetti bolognaise- my way

This is a very fast way to have a good at home spaghetti bolognaise. Believe me it taste better that any expensive restaurant spaghetti. My girls who never finish secret recipe or victoria station or TGI friday spaghetti bolognaise can have up to 4 plate of this spaghetti ( worth the cooking effort , even the effort is so little...:-)) This recipe specially dedicated to lazy (aka buzy) mummy like me out there...have good fun trying this at home....

The ingredient, very simple. 1 can of spaghetti sauce. for those who prefer slightly sour sauce can get prego traditional sauce. Cambell one will be less sour.for my kids , both also can lah...
shallots , onion as mush as you like. some garlics . then you might want to add some minch meet or chicken. in my case i used canned minch meet, now we have local brand...***sigh*** at least we can know that its confirm halal. Last time when we still dont have our own brand i used canned minch meet from ausie and brasil that have halal certification from their muslim consumer association. But beware , never use greatwall brand ( china brand, coz last time even halal word was there , its just a word only..cannot be trusted ..hope they dont sue me...coz i've found pork puncheon with same brand and label...huhuhu...) bottomline... be careful when you pick the canned minched meet. Alternatively you can also use minch chicken... which also turned to be so yummy but you have to simmer it longer.
chop some shalots or onions and garlic. chop it finely if your kids dont like to see onions in their foods...:-) mine hate the onions. they call it veggie and they hate all kinds of veggie...

Boil the spaghetti until tender. put a pinch of salt and a lil bit of cooking oil to prevent it from sticking ( dont put also can... heehhe). Toss the spaghetti or pasta up and rinse it with tap water.

saute the minch shallots and garlic until it give a goooooood aroma. Then throw the minched meat in it. 1/2 can would be alot already. If you have some spare time...( i dont have) you can make meat ball from this minch meet and add the meet ball to your spaghetti.

Pour the spaghetti sauce , 2 cup of water and simmer it until thicken. your spaghetti is ready to be served. Get a nice spaghetti plate... put the spaghetti and pour the sauce on it. Spread the parmesan cheese generously on it. walla .. it looks better that expensive restaurant spaghetti and ... of course it taste better...yummm

Mama mia... your spaghetti is ready to start its journey to your intestine...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The flowering bulb

Last few weeks we went to cameron highland. Every visit to cameron highland wont be a complete one without visiting the Mardi Agro park in Tanah rata. What i like most about this place is they always have new things. The last time we went there before this one, i was introduced to blackberry ( not the phone) by one on the worker there , uncle krishnan. He was so so kind and helpfull and want to explain everything about this plant, he even give me a few cutting (already have root) but unfortunately it never survive long in my garden.
so the latest visit , there was something new in the park, The tulips and a few more flowering bulb that i cannot recognize.

Iron Man2

Hi dude...
just finished watching iron man 2 with my family( hehehehehe... i know...i know...tengah sarat mengandung tak elok tengok movie bising2 cam tu)... the movie is OK... but compare to the first ironman, the first one is more interesting. the movie is not so suitable for the kids... lots of talking, less action and too high tech for small kids like mine. But for adult... boleh la nak tengok...the movie took about 2 hours.. my 3rd one sleep through out the movie on his baba's lap.... after the popcorns finished... i think nothing interesting left for her i guess.... personally ill give 2.5 out of 5 for this movie...Love too see scarlet Johanson curly hair...:-)