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Sunday, August 19, 2007


I just finished my conversation with one of the MARA officer from penang Mara headquarters. It is very dissapointing dan de-motivating, destructing.... i Felt sooo...down... oh my God... this is the person the goverment placed to motivate Malays in Business? No wonder we are still the same after all those years.

Sebenarnya MARA memang bagus, the mission, the vission, the service all good and benificial. Infact MARA help so many people achieve their dreams...Cuma orang-orang cam ini yang men'spoil'kan MARA punya mission.Is this the reason why penang MALAYS are always dalam dilema?

To be honest, this is the first time i contact MARA to ask consultation for my business,and perhaps it is the last. Here's my conversation for your own judgement and review...:) eventhough he sound so friendly, yet the conversation itself is useless, fruitless and what-ever-less.

me: Assalamualaikum...can I speak to ***** **** ***?
**: Ya bercakap.
Me: Tadi saya ada tanya receptionist dan dia suruh saya cakap dengan encik pasal ...

( he interupted without waiting for me to finish my words, sounds like he is so busy to talk to me...come on...i thought its their job to help?)

** : Pasal apa?
me : saya ada tanya , tapi saya tak tau nak pergi ke mana (what i mean is i dont know who to ask)
**: hah?... tak tau nak pergi ke mana?
me: maksud saya saya tak tau nak tanya siapa , jadi saya harap Encik boleh tolong.saya ada business nurseri pokok online...
**: hah kalau nurseri , jangan tanya MARA, kena tanya jabatan pertanian, mardi dan seumpamanya untuk bimbingan. Bila mula bukak nurseri?
me: saya rasa....
**: mana boleh rasa-rasa, buat business tak boleh rasa-rasa.
Me: maksud saya saya mula serius sekitar hujung 2004...
**: kat mana tapak business sekarang.
Me: ya...sebab tu......
**: Mara cuma berikan pembiayaan , selebihnya peniaga kena cari sendiri.
Me: ya saya faham,buat masa ni saya rasa saya tak perlukan bantuan kewangan lagi, saya cuma nak tahu kalau MARA boleh nasihatkan saya kat mana saya boleh dapatkan tanah....

**: Mara tak boleh sediakan tanah... yang tu peniaga kena cari sendiri, sewa sendiri.Takkan semua nak harapkan Mara.Kalau semua nak harapkan MARA teruklah... Kena la usaha sendiri jugak...

At this point , I already lost my hope.This is the first time i called them.They way he lectured me was like i've ask him so many time b4.it's quite difficult for me to understand the way this fellow think, more accurately, the way he behave.

Whatever I do after this, insyaallah i'll never ask consultation from them again.This is really dissapointing. I thought they are good, yet they are so arrogant and always look down to other people.Why? Are they to busy to entertain ikan bilis like me? Or they thought everybody called MARA just for their money? Please la...I called them because i still remember , in one of the course they organized the very same person said, you can always get consultation from MARA , it is not necessary money but anything to help you to operate your business .That's why i did called them.I need help now and i need it desprately but i dont know where to go.My business is expanding and i need guidance, motivation, consultation, or whatever you call it.Money alone will never help me, and for now, even it's tough i can still survive on my own.

Me: Tak pe la... Terima kasih

So i just hang up.I feel so stupid to call MARA and let them jeopardize and ruin my spirit and excitement.In the last few weeks, i keep on thinking to meet them personally and have some chit chat on my business, but since then, forget-about-it.

Prior to this waste-my-time conversation, i did called PERDA and they were good and full of encouragement.Eventhough in the meantime they cannot really help, but at least they some idea on what to do next, which is very helpful.The officer treat me with respect, even congratulate me for having a spirit to do something different.At least i was motivated after taking to them.

Next time if I need help, i know where to go, and it's definitely not to the same arrogant guy.

Well for those who like to know what I do, feel free to visit my page at:


and remember : Everything starts small !

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Corn tree,sometime knows as iron tree or botanically known as Dracaena fragrans is a very popular indoor plant.Infact we can always stumble with it in almost every office.The behaviour of the plant that need less attention compare to other indoor plant make a perfect choice if you are not a plant lover.

Originated from West Africa, the plant has made its way around the globe. Belong to agave family give corn tree an advantage as it is very strong can tolerate a wide range of climate.the plant prefers low light and high humidity.

The wide leaves are long and arc gracefully from the stalk.The huge and strong stucture of the stem and leave turn it as an attractive green furniture to your room.Dracaena fragrans belongs to Agavaceae family, the same family agave, yucca and joshua plant.Same like others in agave family corn tree too can stand the dry zone.Though in its optimum condition the plant can grow until 20 feet tall, but normally as a houseplant the normal height of this plant is between 4 to 6 feet tall.Ovet time the plant loses lower leave revealing bare stem.D. f. ‘Massangeana’ is a popular cultivar that features a wide central yellow stripe on each leaf.

In tropical climate , it is quite difficult to see corn tree blooming. the flower somehow, very attarctive with the special fragrant any flower lover will treasure.To flower, the plant must be a very mature plant.It should be at least more that 6 feet in height.The flower stalk s emerge out from the center of tthe leave whorl and will extend untill almost 3 feet.the The fragrant is very strong , you can smell it even it is more than 100 feet away, especially in the evening. The fragrant normally will last more than 1 week or even longer if it is keep in the office or well protected environment.

Some people believe that the plant will die after flowering.Well, it is not true as the plant will keep on growing.Cutting the flower stalk when it wither is a good idea to boost up the groth rate.Propagation is simple, it can be done through stem cutting.Eventhough the plant bear fruits(berries type) , normally it is propaged using stem cuttings.If you notice that the leave turn brownish it could be because of to much or too litle water.Eventhough it is a tough plant, sometimes mites can get attracted to it.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

When the small become less smaller

everything starts from small... i remember this was what i said when somebody from an establish MLM network look down into my small web page , mainly on herbs info 3 years back.The guy...accused me of not having a vision, don't dare to dream big and cursed me ...:) that i will stuck there forever. Well.. now more than three years on the road i still remember what i said..and still believed that everything starts from small....

now when it become less smaller (forgive me for the grammar), more and more people start to visualize a vision that i put years ago.I have one stand that i hold closely to my heart. If you cannot do what you like, like what you do but if you cannot like what you do, try to do what you like.hehe... it's not a tounge twister though...that's what i do ... try to develop something that i love with my heart soul into a money machine...(though now the machine is not fully functioning yet).

For all the support and backup..... i really want to express my gratitude to my beloved husband for believing in me, for strongly stand besides me through thick and thin. For always put his faith in me when others not.For keep on telling me that i'm heading to the right direction and the day of glory will come. To my three lovely daughters that have to spent most of their weekends watching CDs and doing homework in the car,I hope i'm not torturing them.I hope they can understand everything i do, i do it for their own future.(At least they should be grateful that i never left them at home by themselves like most busy mothers will do)...And i hope too... the days of struggling will be over soon. Insyaallah

haha....my blog entry today is so sentimental...anybody cries?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sample connection string for ASP folks

If you are planning on making a database call from the web the first thing you will need to do is plan on making a "Database Connection". Here are some sample database connection strings to help you get started.

Sample Database Connection Strings