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Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011-year of abandonment

it has been ages since i have time to really put my thought into words. tonight i really really cannot sleep and i totally blame deen for the teh tarik halia he brought back home after the meeting. coz of that my eyes are wide open till now.

this year i think i have abandon so many thing.... i scrap my stationery shop and put so much less focus on http://www.melur.com/ , infact i hardly update the website now and onhold the online plant shop until dunno when. I feel i cannot cop..my 24 hours seem so short while i have so many things to do...i have postpone my master thesis to another semester when i alreay finsh 80% of it... not a wise decision i guess but i need to give myself a room to breath. my little baby alisha is nearly 1 year now. she will be 1 year in another 20 days... i may say that she is the main reason why i declare this year as year of abandonment , but i have no regret on this. if i have to let go everything just to see my babies growly happily... i have no doubt to let it go... ( this is the basic motherly feel that im sure every mothers in the world wide world will have)