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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Lawn

Haa...remember about my taiwan grass that i start with 2 pieces of grass bought from the pasar malam near my house? It's growing quite well eventhough the growth is kind of slow. This is the picture of my lawn in august, and another picture of my eldest showing off her hoolahoop skill on the lawn one sunny day in December.With the startup cost of RM10, this lawn is something that i can be proud of...:)

Sundal malam

Apparently with razr v3x phone camera, the sundal malam (mistress of the night) is not so enchanted at night, have this first until i manage to capture it during the day time , it means weekend only, as i reach home when the night fall almost every day. Will post you more picture this coming weekend...chao...

The nicely bloom tuberose

Get the picture my tuberose in action.I keep quite a number of tuberose of better known as pokok sundal malam at my compound as the demand of it is very high. Infact it is the hot cake of my 'nursery' aka garden. The one night, after reached home from work, the smell took over the place, a very nice and sweet smell, it's spooky too.... remind me of the tale of pontianak...hehehe... a few pots of tuberose are blooming and in action.enjoy the picture from my garden.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Jasmine as a climber

last weekend , while wandering in one of the Nursery here i found a very intersting jasmine plant.I know jasmine is a climber but this one is very special ( may be for me only) with a dark green glossy leaves and long crawling stem, ready to grab, and beatiful bunches of very sweet sell flowers. I grab a few bags for my own nursery. It looks easy to propagate.After along search and map of the picture and character of the plant in the net, lastly i found that the botany name of this plant is Jasminum polyanthum. It is a vine and can be nicely groom into shapes that you like.For those who want to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of this plant may order for my product page at: melur.com

Monday, December 11, 2006

Nor's Paradise

my eldest daughter nursery is having a school holiday program and ask me to teach those young fellow how to garden. She's so excited that mama is going to tech her friends so she keep on talking about it the whole week until saturday when my second daughter infected with conjunctivitis. Then , she became so frustated and scare that me and her will get it too. Luckily we are still save when the day came and she's so happy and eagerly help me with all the pots and garden tools....:) Proud of her mum....hehehe...i still remember when she's small when somebody ask what's her mother occupation, she would always said that mama grow plant...:) some even guess that i'm a gardener...:)

I hope that my daughters will enjoy gardening as mush as i do and as much as my mother do.well.... it's a trait in the family i guess....:)