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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Penang Bike week 2012; one of the wively task

hi all, it has been ages since my last post ( erkkk.. somehow my post always start with this). so many things happen in my life lately and what i can say is this year is a quite tough year for me..today i m gonna write about my first experience following my dearest hubby to penang bike week convoy.we took a day off from the kids by sending the bibik to look after them while we r away. the event start by gathering at Tapak pesta at 8:00 am. to be honest this event has bother me for weeks because i am quite reluctant to join it.... but you know we are partner n partner need to support each other. my hubby has been a very supportive partners throughout our close to 14 years together and it is not fair for him if i become unsupportive to his activities... so here i am , 37 years old makcik on my hubby's superbike. there are alot of young couples, only a few makcik like me but they are look rugged with the headscarve or tudung Esah and high cut riding boots while i am... well just me... force to wear a glove and jacket buy my dear hubby. all this while i hate bikers...it has been more than 10 years since last time i ride a bike( during my student day merempit with nmy C70) . for me they somehow always proud with their group and do things that attracted peoples attention ( boleh riak dengan motor2 besar diorang). At the gathering i still wear my long face and my hubby jockingly ask " why you face look like that?" at one of my phot at he snap at the starting point.there are about 1000 superbikes there with 200 riders came all the way from singapore.

at the moment the ride started , the rain fall heavily and i was wetly soak...i start to enjoy the ride when the rain stop and we were passing through the paddy field in kepala batas area. it make me realize it has been a very long time since i catch the smell of the grass and mud.seating down leisurely  in our starex royal  in each and every trip , i hardly bother about the paddy field ( busy sleeping at the passenger seat actually). then i realized that the convoy was not as bad as thought. well guys.. will continue next time with some of the pictures...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

hello ferns

hi all.. i am nor from penang Malaysia and i love plants. Ferns is one of my passion to...