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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AXE’s Anarchy Island getaway contest

Wow!!  A holiday for two, fully sponsored in the Caribbean? The thought never struck my mind...just imagine.. a long strolling along the beach hand in hand ,sip the freshness of the salt smell and the sea breeze thrill me.. Being a mum of 4 active growing daughters I almost forget what actually a holiday for two meant. I would like to take the opportunity of this nuffnang contest to just dream on how if i win the contest (I know that I will never win... but well.. just give me a break *wink*wink)

But the problem is how to write a post on how to charm the other side...i have a husband.. A long love from my college days but.. I don’t think I have done anything to charm him. Love just comes naturally, like the breath that we take every day we don’t have to put effort on it.. :-). I am not physically attractive. People always describe me as "not so pretty but very fair" (overheard it a few times... :-)).But I love to smile and talk a lot ( that make me look friendly i guess). A friend once said, if i continue having a long conversation with a guy , the guy sure fall for me..True or not..That’s not for me to say,. Here is some tips to charm a guy, especially when you are not so good looking or attractive.. ;-)
1.       Base on my not so much experience, no matter how dumb the guys are, they always fancy the intelligent talk. Nope... you don’t have to be intelligent, but try to pretend to be one. If you cannot, just entertain the brainy talk the guy  with a lot of question to show that you are interested..Stupid question is allowed so the guy will feel that they are they intelligent one and in charge... but please... the question cannot so stupid yeah...else hehehe..
2.      If you like to cook, show that you can cook. This is what i did actually...hehe.. The first time my ex-boyfriend( now my husband ..LOL) when to my parent house i show my skill of cooking the ketupat sotong( squid stuffed with glutinous rice in a sweet sauce) . Surprisingly now after 14 years of marriage he still remember that very first ketupat sotong I cooked for him and mention it every time we eat  ketupat sotong ( mostly not cook by me anymore). The normal guy will sure be fascinated with a girls cooking skill..
3.      Be your true selves and never imitate other people. The lame mistake i did with my first boyfriend was i try to please him so much that i forgot to  be myself,  just  to be the girl of his dream. But we end up with broken hearts and hate each other so much after 6 years together. What a waste...:-P . i learnt my lesson hard way, so with my husband i really be myself and yeah... it works...the point is, don’t try to charm a guy until you have to sacrifice yourself to be what he wanted.
4.      show your respect and love to his parent and siblings. Treat his parent as your own. for me this is really important. I always respect a guy who can respect my parents and behave politely in front of them. The same goes to a guy i guess. Especially if you have been married, respecting the in-laws is crucial to charm your husband. Try it and you will find that your spouse love towards you will multiply... ahaks...no need to go to SPA or slimming center already
5.       Don’t be stingy and too demanding. Never compare your guy with other guy. If you really want him to buy you anything, use a reverse psychology method. Don’t directly ask cause when you ask directly it shows how materialistic your are... :-). instead of saying " Darling please buy me that diamond ring..." , you can reverse it by saying " all my life i've dreaming to have a diamond ring like this.. but now i ve found you, life with you is so complete that i dont need such kind of thing anymore...". try it..who knows next month you will get that diamond ring..? Reverse psychology method usually will return the same result or even better.
so for those who are not so pretty, hot and sexy you can try this tips to charm your guys..It works for me and I hope it will work for you gals too...going to Caribbean or not.. I still feel delighted to share the tips with you all…

And for the question why i deserve to be at AXE anarchy island getaway is ... hmm simply because i have never been to the Caribbean and i cannot to go there if nobody sponsor me ( owh..so pathetic.. but indeed it is..)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

baju raya anak

untuk 4 orang anak-anakku..
orang selalu tanya, tak bz ke mama , boleh jahit sendiri baju untuk anak2..korang semua pun tahu mama memang bz..dengan kerja mama, dengan bisness mama... mama bukan ada maid macam kengkawan mama yang lain.. rasanya mama je yang takde maid... bznya mama sampai pergi kerja usahkan nak bermekap, pakai bedak pun tak sempat. habis kalau bz kenapa susahkan diri , sampai stay up menjahit tengah2 malam...lepas masak sahur menjahit lagi..kengkadang bila bangkit untuk masak sahur mama rasa malas nak tahajud sebab nak masak cepat2 dan sambung menjahit, bersusah payah mama melawan rasa malas itu..supaya kedua2 tanggungjawab mama sebagai hamba dan ibu dapat mama penuhi.
tak de duit ke mama sampai kena jahit baju sendiri.. korang pun tahu mama bukan tak ada duit,walaupun mama bukan le jutawan ..hehe.. walaupun kengkadang bila korang mintak macam2 mama selalu kata mama takde duit.bila mama jahit baju walaupun sehelai sahaja seorang dan selebihnya mama beli, sebab mama tak mampu menjahir lebih dari sepasang.. mama nak korang tahu mama menjahitnya dengan penuh kasih sayang. Mama nak korang merasa pakai baju jahitan mama sendiri walaupun senget dan tak sepertinya. Bila korang semua besar dan mama dah tiada lagi, kenangan memakai baju jahitan mama sendiri akan tetap terpahat abadi dalam ingatan korang.macam baba selalu ingat dia memakai baju jahitan ibunya.  yang mama harapkan cuma jadilah anak2 yang solehah dan  doakan untuk mama dan baba selalu, agar mama dan baba mendapat kebahagian di dunia dan akhirat itu sudah memadai bagi kami.