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Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Endless Quest- to kalimantan, Indonesia

It has been close to a month since my last posting.Many things happen in this 3 weeks. The best thing was the amount time spent with my love ones.for 2 weeks we did almost everything together and we really treasure and enjoy the togetherness. This year we celebrate Aidilfitri in KK. Sedih jugak...bila x beraya dengan parent kita, esp when early morning before we went to solat raya, i called my parent and notice a different in my father's voice... just try not to cry too very hard...hehehe...betul ke org kata aku ni anak ayah?

a week after raya we went to Tarakan , Deens mother's hometown. A small but develop island with big population.we spent 1 day in Bulungan(at the mainland) to visit relative there. As usual, new thing make me excited. I did enjoy the trip. Except to hear everybody talking about claiming back the wealth...and all those sort of money thing made me dizzy. but hmmmppp...im just an outsider...tadah dengar jer lah...
may be because i'm not from a royal family, this royal talk, title ... is nothing to me. For me royal or commoners, our blood is still red (except for mahsuri , hehehhe). towrds the end what is actually count is ...really sleepy have to sleep first..continue later

looks like i only manage to continue this post 2 years later...heheheh... after digging my old posting i found this entrance and notice that i did not share any story about out trip to pulau tarakan , Indonesia.by this time ive went there twice ...I will try to write something eventhough some of the memories has slip from my mind... 2 years man...what do you expect?