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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beris Lake Vineyard (Ladang anggur Tasik Beris)

Yesterday, we have spent time travelling up to Sik kedah to The Tasik Beris Vineyard. Here's some picture there. The story will come up soon when i have time...(**teethy smile**)
the vineyard is located in district of SIK in Kedah. more info at: Beris vineyardThe grapes was damn sweet and fresh. I think this is the most delicious grapes i've ever eat in my entire life ( hohoho....am i exagerating?). the young hand is also eager to grab the grapes. She ate a lot..she's the one who finished it.

Date to pick the grapes? hehehe...quite effective reminder

Saturday, October 22, 2011

puding kastard laici

i just got this simple recipe from a fren. just try it out this morning for breakfast: you need
1. 1 can of evaporated milk ( any brand will do but i use ideal)
2. i can of lychee with the syrup,i cut the fruit into smaller pieces
3. 5 table spoon of custard flour( i used lady's choice)
4. 3 table spoon of swetened creamer ( i use teapot brand)

mix everyting in a bowl until all the flour dissolve.Heat it slowly until it is thickened.pour it in any mold , i use round cake tin, let it cold and cut it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

rain and thunder

plan B
I had this plan b roughly drafted in my mind since long long time ago. if someday mylife will turn upside down, if whatever i had plan in my plan A never turn as it should be i will work put on my plan B. Yep...it's good to have this plan B. At least if something wrong happens, i will not turn into depression state or losing my ways( hopefully). What worries me now is i keep on thinking about this plan B more and more lately. Last time i will think about this plan only when i was sad..dishearted or dissapointed but now looks like i keep on thinking about this everyday for the past few weeks...what had happened to me?

this is my plan B:
1. I m gonna drop everything that i hold, my position, my carier everything lah..except my kids
2. I m gonna sell everything i owned , my house , my car... my whatever i have at that time lah..
3. 1 m gonna run away from the place i lived.
4. i m gonna fork out every cents that i have in my accounts.
5. I m gonna buy a piece of land at a cold and high land.. ( no matter where)
6. I m gonna open a flower nursery and grow lots lots of flowers
7. i m gonna run a simple and quite life while raising up my kids
8. i m gonna take care of my parents and live together with them
9. i m gonna bring myself closer to my Creator and live a life till the day i die....

sayang itu untuk dirasai bukan sekadar ucapan... kalau sudah susah untuk dirasai lagi..mungkinkah maknanya ia sudah tiada?

Friday, October 14, 2011


some of the thing in life..just like a nightmare will keep hunting you no matter how much you feel you have been recover from... some of the dream( or nightmare)will just come and go as it like anytime it like no matter how much we ignore it... it just will come... and go