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Friday, December 30, 2011

How a dream shattered

how a dream shattered into pieces... why..

end of the year

salam all.... lately i am bz like buzzy bee.... with all the end of the year goals and milestone review... and total stocktake on the 3rd of january ..there is no other way we can end this year by having lepak time on the eve...with close colleauge or so.. like other years. this afternoon one of the engineers said to me... this year is the first time we end of the year working so hard until cannot go for any break all because of your stocktake... my stocktake??.... no...no...no.... its the company stocktake where i am the main incharge for  my area including my department which is material... huhuhu....when you talk about stocktake who else can be more scary than the manager of the material department where lies all the small little tiny piecepart including of transistors, capacitors , diods... all all the jargons...so basically that's it... my whole week gone with my eldest complaint " hari2 makan fast food...."... what to do everyday mama come back from work at 9:00 PM n above ony... she added... but the good thing when mama not cooking is i dont have to clean the dishes.... lazy girl...

so this is the end of the year... just notice that when we are older... changing of the year is not as much exciting as when we are young...maybe because walking downhill...faster towards our end of life... at this age of 37...i feel gratefull with all that i have... Praise Allah for all the gift in my life. Last weekend , sneaking out from the end of the year  bz schedule... i manage to went back to my hometown and accompany my father to his hospital appointment as usual.Looking at him at this age i just realize that i Love my parent so much and i always regret because i cannot be with them all the time.... hmmm...dun want to talk about this down side of my life.

so here i am... looking forward not as eagerly as year before to welcom 2012... i just hope that i still have many years to spent with my dear darling hubby in this life and spread and share all goodness in life with people around us... so ... nothing much ...good bye 2011.... welcome 2012...