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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Haaa....at last i manage to find out the name of the flower that my husband brought back from US.This one is better known as gaillardia(nice name and it suite her...:)) I use to mention flower as her as i feel that 'it' is too harsh.The scientific name is gaillardia aristata. The name is drive from a french botanist name , Gaillard de Marentoneau. This plant is easy to grow in any variety of soil, provided that it is free draining

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nor's Paradise

My kampung life

It is a pleasure for me to talk about my kampung life.As a kid i am a hardcore kampung girl.I was brought up in a small village in kelantan.My house is surrounded by a mini jungle.When i was young , there was a rubber plantation around the house.As the rubber tree was getting old and produced less latex, My father cut it off and sold it to the furniture maker.

I remember when i was young the bushes around my house was my playground.With my sister(2 years younger, now a doctor in terengganu) and brother(4 years younger, working here in penang in one of the MNC company) we explored every inches of the bushes. Our snack is rather simple...hahaa..we use to chew buah kenerai/cenerai, the small green berries produced by a small tree.The fruit is useful as bullets for our bamboo gun too....Or sometime we just chew pucuk kandis ( yarghhh.... its really sour until you can feel the pulling effect at your jaw...) with pinch of salt.It's like you're chewing a buble gum..... you suck the liquid away and spit out the hampas...:). One thing i really dont like about this pucuk kandis(garcinia spp.) is it will give you a bitter taste that last for quite sometime. other snack are buah mata ayam(ardisia crispa), buah samak(euginia palembanica) and buah kerian.

with a group of friends we used to play police sentry at the bendang there.There were a few time when one of the midwife in my kampung ask us to pick the rumput jarum Emas(striga asiatica) for her as one of the ingridient for the afterbirth medicine. She paid us rm0.40 for every grip of dried jarum mas, which was a big deal for us at that time.So instead of playing police sentry we kept racing for the jarum emas, which sometime turned into fight....:) some have scars to prove that...(grin)

i have sweet memories of catching fish, swimming in the swamp, rolling over the hill of grasses and paddy straw.Sometime when i close my eyes, I still the smell the grass, the paddy field and the mud.There was one time when i catched a snake with my bare hand, mistaken it for a fish.Litle that i know that the snake also in the same mission as me, try to catch the fish for dinner...:)

life was hard...really , really hard, but when i look back, i just remember those old sweet memories.We used to enjoy our sweet time, lying down on the field watching the sky and try to figure out the cloud shape. But watch out!!!...while lying down my mother said you should not let the eagle fly over you or you will be a dead meat.Hahaha... now i know my mothers bluff just not to let us lie on the ground and dirty our shirts, as we dont have many.

I guess that experience brought me up to be what i am today. Even i've been living in the city for more than 10 years, i still crave for the kampung life.My husband is the opposite, he has been brought up in the city and used to stay in city for the whole life.

i'll talk more about my kampung life next time... till then ...bye..

Monday, January 8, 2007

The single layer gardenia


it's me again...Last few days was really hectic for me...My eldest first days in school. going back to my hometown on the 2 past weekend and not sure whether have to go back again this weekend...Hmm... it's have been some time since i want to talk about my single layer gardenia. Well... most people know gardenia, the white fragrance flower that resemble the roses. But i bet not many people ever see this single layer gardenia. It's really a gardenia, with the smell and everything except the flower only has single layer.Normally we keep on looking for multi layer flower. but for me, single layer gardenia is even more pretty and unique( i like to use this word to describe it...:))

The behaviour, propagation, sun exposure is the same like multi-layer gardenia. It can keep on crazilly blooming if you expose it to the full sun light. Just don't forget to water it sufficiently. Here's the picture of my single layer gardenia. Enjoy it...!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

San Francisco 2

Today is my daughters first day at school... thing going quite well for her and i can see that she's quite independent. Perhaps because she was raised up in the day care since she's 1 year.Time fly fast and without you know it,you have to go through the moment and keep on dwelling on how much you have missed. I felt it's just like yesterday when i hold her for the first time and now she's already in school, playing joyfully with her friends.Hehe... dont want to be so sentimental ... it's early in the morning now...:) , just 5 am, everybody is still sleeping.

hmmm.... raising up a kid is like growing a plant. you have to really handle it with good care, nurture and give your love unconditionally.

Actually i want to talk about my san francisco 2 that has bloomed during my raya haji holiday. when i cameback here, i think it's has been blooming for a few days.Looking from the condition, may be the flower can last up to 2 weeks. The petals is very nice, eventhough i do not really like the color.I will search the actual name, and let you now.for te time being may be i will call it bunga alani (my eldest daughter name)... sound quite okay rite...? It's gonna be a tough quest as i dont really have clue for the name, not even the family. and attached here also my san francisco 1, it has been blooming non stop from the last blog till now,

Till some other time.... bye