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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My gut is bubbling with excitement

Hmmm..it has been almost a year since I start my haberdashery and now..its kinda of stable..well ..at least I don't have to fork out so much money monthly to support the shop..a lil bit of profit ..even not big..tasted very very sweet.
So..its about time for another biz plan that I've put on hold..never drop but onhold for quite long time.. today I will pick it up again.. and prepare myself to work hard to stabilize it.
There are rumours in my workplace that there will be an organization restructure next year and people assume that I'm gonna take VSS if any..hahaha..life as a celebrity is surely not easy ..ahaks.. any statement can turn into rumours. I remember earlier this year.. I've made a statement .. if there is an org change I prefer to take vss..just that. only a person or two heard it.. hmm...just wonder when the statement turned into this kind of rumours. The rumours said that the department I manage now will be manage by somebody else when I take the VSS. Oh I wish the rumours will turn out true.. unnfortunately when I ask my boss... my boss was shocked and said ...there is no such thing...uhuks...
so back to the thing that matter most now... i will setup my plant nursery(OMG AGAIN???) in penang sooner. i think i have abandon my www.melur.com long enough. i just dont want to lose the momentum. i will not say much now until the day i open the gate of the new plant nursery... wait  peeps..it's gonna be SOON...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kena rompak

Wahai kerajaan..tergamak enck kerajaan merompak 3000 dari bonus saya untuk cukai encik ..sedeynya.. 3 ribu tu dah boleh pergi bercuti ke bandung sekeluarga tau..teganya dikau

Friday, November 23, 2012

A nite in park royal penang

Deens company has a family dinner at park royal tonite and we decided its tiring for us to go back after the dinner so we book the room n spend a nite here tonite ( lame excuse for unplan holiday) the kids enjoy it much ..as for us..only food will make us happy hehehe

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Allah..

Dear Allah.. please ease my burden..take me out from a situation where I screw people up then people screw me up back ..end up both screw up.. I hate to be here..please show me the way..