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Friday, December 15, 2006

Jasmine as a climber

last weekend , while wandering in one of the Nursery here i found a very intersting jasmine plant.I know jasmine is a climber but this one is very special ( may be for me only) with a dark green glossy leaves and long crawling stem, ready to grab, and beatiful bunches of very sweet sell flowers. I grab a few bags for my own nursery. It looks easy to propagate.After along search and map of the picture and character of the plant in the net, lastly i found that the botany name of this plant is Jasminum polyanthum. It is a vine and can be nicely groom into shapes that you like.For those who want to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of this plant may order for my product page at: melur.com


  1. Noe beli kat mana Jasmine nie? bau dia wangi mcm Jasmine biasa tak?

  2. Wangi macam bunga melur biasa , beli kat bukit mertajam, semaian kinari, but you can also order from me if you want, we have online order for the plant, and we deliver to your address...:) just visit katalog page kami di http://www.melur.com/view_cat.asp?owner=melur