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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

San Francisco 2

Today is my daughters first day at school... thing going quite well for her and i can see that she's quite independent. Perhaps because she was raised up in the day care since she's 1 year.Time fly fast and without you know it,you have to go through the moment and keep on dwelling on how much you have missed. I felt it's just like yesterday when i hold her for the first time and now she's already in school, playing joyfully with her friends.Hehe... dont want to be so sentimental ... it's early in the morning now...:) , just 5 am, everybody is still sleeping.

hmmm.... raising up a kid is like growing a plant. you have to really handle it with good care, nurture and give your love unconditionally.

Actually i want to talk about my san francisco 2 that has bloomed during my raya haji holiday. when i cameback here, i think it's has been blooming for a few days.Looking from the condition, may be the flower can last up to 2 weeks. The petals is very nice, eventhough i do not really like the color.I will search the actual name, and let you now.for te time being may be i will call it bunga alani (my eldest daughter name)... sound quite okay rite...? It's gonna be a tough quest as i dont really have clue for the name, not even the family. and attached here also my san francisco 1, it has been blooming non stop from the last blog till now,

Till some other time.... bye

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