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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What is rich

Last night my eldest daughter ask me:

" Mama, what you will do when you rich,are you going to do the same thing,wrapping things for people?"

She asked when she saw me so busy wrapping all the customers order for this week.This few weeks are such a chalenging weeks as i have to coop to my paid job, my master degree and my side business(http://www.melur.com).

Rich...is so subjective...when i first graduated and heard some seniors can earn at least 2 to 2.5 k a month..wow ..that's a big money..never think about it.Then when i start work at a pay of 2700/month 2500 seems a very small amoount of money.Life is getting tougher when you have to coop with your marriage,newborn baby , new house, new cars and so many new commitment.Bak kata orang melayu "besar periuk besarlah keraknya"

so what is rich...? Now ten years have passed since the first time i hold my first salary with pride.Money is never enough but The most important thing is to seek for keberkatan of that money we earn.Never think litle about those who is less fortunate than you dan always willing to give.For me ich is when you can help people around you and never think yourself as rich.

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  1. pada hemat saya kaya bermaksud bukan kaya pada wang, tapi kaya pada hati dan pemikiran. sebab bila hati dah kaya , masalah kurang dan automatic hidup lebih ceria. wallahuaklam