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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

KL Again

KL is never be my favorite place. I feel suffocated and drown everytime i went to KL but due to some reason I HAVE to go to KL last weekend. A few snapshot in KL.

KTM Heritage Hotel Lobby. An antique hotel for those who treasure history. Reasonable price with acceptable facility. Waiting for Nakano. This hotel located about 5 minutes drive(if smooth drive without jam) from our hotel

Deen and Nakano ,our friend , a Japanese on a visit to Malaysia during the teh tarik and roti canai session.

Among deens best shot, i lllove this picture and the photographer too...

Faster baba, It's hot over here, we're melting.The kids infront of KL KTM

you know? We don't have LRT in penang...not even the monorel, said kakak with the hope that Penang Monorail project will be approve by Federal Government ...hahaha...

Two ladies that i grab on the way back to penang. See how long they can survive indoor

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