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Monday, August 11, 2008

fabricating sequence of events

sometimes , event without noticing it, we're creating a sequence of events in our life. We know that if we do this it will lead to that and those.Everything that we do will have its own cause and effect.it's something like.... if you are really reluctant to do something but we know there are things that we can do which in the end will force us to do what we're not willing to do. We are fabricating the sequence of events...i guess i did that sometimes... when it's really hard to persuade myself to just to what i'm supposed to do.

By the way, kakak manage to beat Joshua in the last test. But still cannot get no 1 cos there's another boy who get no 1. May be no 2 is the farthest she can go... hahaha...but at least her confident level boost up this time, cos all this while she always feel that joshua is unbeatable.

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