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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramadan 1429

Today is the 3rd day of Ramadan. We're spending the nite here in Penang as the bridge was so damned jammed last nite.The kids raised early , masa sahur lagi semua dah bangun.sejuknya kat rumah ni...rasa macam ngeri je nak mandi as we havent install the water heater yet... hmmm... this weekend nak kena korek balik water heater tu kat dlm stor...cha yang suka mandi pun tak nak mandi pagi kat sini.our house is facing the hill...sekali angin datang memang sejuk sangat.

This ramadan..reminds me of so many things... so many memories...but i just hope this Ramadhan, my pray will be answered like the previous 2 Ramadhan, Insyaallah.It's about time to realize how lucky i am, blessed with a good life and good people around me.

p/s: teringat satu article yang aku baca last few days by one of our famaous local writer/motivator : bila suara hati kita didengari oleh pasangan kita, it means that our mind is so much synchronize. hmmm...looks like my mind and deens is so much synchronize now... hahaha...

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