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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Food of The soul

Let me share with you one story that i've read many years back. It came from a book: Chickensoup for the gardeners soul. The title was: Iva mae's birthday. The writer told about a friend name iva mae who was so poor and not even have enough to live. They're living at the prewar era and poor people were everywhere at that time. so one day iva mae invited her classmates, including the writer for her birthday party.they're so excited but when they reached iva mae's house, her mother was so shocked as se's not aware about the birthday party. she dont even realized that the day was her daughters birthday.

But to cover the things up, she start to bring out all food that they store for the winter and have a simple party for the girls. They're having so much fun.

Later, iva mae's mother bring them to the garden. inside the garden there were a bed that used to grow a flower, Zinnia, instead of vegetable and crops.So the write asked ivae may why her mother wasted the space by growing zinnia while at the same time she could used the space to grow food. Iva mae's answer to the question keep on dwelling in my head till now everytime i remember this story. She said my mom said, ooo... that one is the food to our soul.

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