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Friday, December 3, 2010

easy to be a good parent, difficult to be a good child

i certainly agree with that. As a parent we always want to give the best to our kids. The best education, the school, the best food, clothing and the best etc. We are willing to do all thos kind of BEST thing, nobody need to force us. Failing to fulfill the BEST thing will make us feel that we are a bad , ignorent, irresponsible parents.

BUT how many time we try to give the BEST thing to our parents? we are so busy with our life until one simple call to say "HOW ARE U" everyday becomes so hard to fulfill.Yeah it sure make us feel guilty but we keep on continue with our life... forgiving ourselves... for leaving our parents behind ( well a lil bit, but still behind).

If our parents sick( minor sickness), then normally if we live away from them , we will just call and ask how they are. And will call any siblings who live nearby to check for our parents and bring them to hospital or clinic. Why cant we ourslve, drop anything that we are currently doing and visit them? What is more important than 2 people that brought us to life? And if the sibling who stay nearer cannot entertain our request to look after the parents or send the parents to hospital, we tend to get mad and probably say " That's the advantage of having someone near , just bring mother/father to clinic, it cant be that difficult!!". Yes, Its easy but we never do it ourselves.

If we live near to them, we still will be very busy with our live. but when a sibling who live away called we will say, i've look after them, but what else you expect me to do? i also have my own life and kids...why dont you yourselves come back and attend them for yourselve? if you are busy i am busy tooo...hmmmm... that's normally happen...

but if our kid is sick, we will definitely send them to clinic right away. we can took emergency leave to excuse from work to take care of them.

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