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Monday, January 31, 2011

Life without a maid ( and 4 growing babies)

it's hard for me to find some times to jot anything down here. my life has been damnly busy lately , try to catch up with so many things ( i drop some of the things, with the hope to pick it up again when things get slow down). With 3 kids growing up and a baby at 'active' state , learn to walk now.. my 24 hours is really occupied.my master thesis has been left abandon for almost 2 months but i need to give myself some room to breath.

looking that this video sent to me by a friend ( don't know how true it is)i am glad that i follow my heart not to get any replacement for my runnaway maid. Allah knows what is the best for us. Eventhough my daily life is extremely busy now with the weekend just enough to settle all the pile up laundry, at least i am enjoying the tranquility of living the life just on my own with just my family without a stranger.

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