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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

absence make heart grows fonder...

No, it never works for me... infact absence will only make heart grows tender, softer, blacken and eventually rotten... hehehe...

absence make hearts grows fonder... it always reminds me to one point in my life where i have to deal with absence in the most torturing ways ever. a week after my 15th birthday i've met with a boy to whom i thought will be my soulmate and will spend the rest of my life with him. I was so confident that he was the one until we were tested by a long distance relationship."balas la surat ni kalau tak sibuk" (20 years back sms and email , skype n facebook and whatsoever was not an option) i always end my letter to him this way...sound lame eh? .. like reply or not reply was okay.. i am your second priority and you can choose not to reply if you have some other things to do.. reply only if you have nothing to do... but the fact was more severe than that. I will spend my lecture lunch break , rushing back to the hostel TV room, a place where the letter were kept at the hostel...searching for my letter which was hardly be there everyday without fail.And after that, with the teary eyes, i would retreat myself at the back of the TV room building where nobody can find me, cried my heart out...a tortured long-distance relationship with his letter visited me one or 2 times in every quarter..dating not more than 5 times a year...and the rest of the time apart from that was just me , missing and guessing what he was doing everyday, was he sick or well, was he missed me ask much as i missed him..after 5 torturing years...i quit. The choice i ve made without turning back regardless of begging and promises to change... so that's it. I am the one of many who will turn a long distance relationship into a mere failure.. that's proven..

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