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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

rain and thunder

plan B
I had this plan b roughly drafted in my mind since long long time ago. if someday mylife will turn upside down, if whatever i had plan in my plan A never turn as it should be i will work put on my plan B. Yep...it's good to have this plan B. At least if something wrong happens, i will not turn into depression state or losing my ways( hopefully). What worries me now is i keep on thinking about this plan B more and more lately. Last time i will think about this plan only when i was sad..dishearted or dissapointed but now looks like i keep on thinking about this everyday for the past few weeks...what had happened to me?

this is my plan B:
1. I m gonna drop everything that i hold, my position, my carier everything lah..except my kids
2. I m gonna sell everything i owned , my house , my car... my whatever i have at that time lah..
3. 1 m gonna run away from the place i lived.
4. i m gonna fork out every cents that i have in my accounts.
5. I m gonna buy a piece of land at a cold and high land.. ( no matter where)
6. I m gonna open a flower nursery and grow lots lots of flowers
7. i m gonna run a simple and quite life while raising up my kids
8. i m gonna take care of my parents and live together with them
9. i m gonna bring myself closer to my Creator and live a life till the day i die....

sayang itu untuk dirasai bukan sekadar ucapan... kalau sudah susah untuk dirasai lagi..mungkinkah maknanya ia sudah tiada?

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  1. something is wrong somewhere..always be patience! Allah will always be with you..