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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gloomy days

I feel so tired. All the energy has flow to my paid job that slowly dragging my attention from other thing. Sometime i wonder what is the priority in life? huh... live to work or work to live? The only good thing that happen last week is another one of the few plants from my husband US seed has bloomed.I think this flower is the prettiest among those which has bloom.So far only 4 out of 6 has bloomed.Have a look on the picture. It is know by the scientific name coreopsis tinctoria. the common name is golden tickseed or some call it calliopsis.The flower last quiet long. It can still beautifully bloom for more than 2 weeks.Seed is produced from the dried flower.It is an annual plant and will flowering between june to september.

below is the wikipedia link for golden tickseed:

I really love the color and shape...savy...:)

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