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Friday, May 4, 2007

White Fragrant Flower

It's quite sometime since my last blog.It's not i'm lazy or busy (since both words are so subjective...:). Perhaps the new layout and interface of the blog make me sick...Hmmm... it takes time to get use to this new look.

so today... here i am again, with new flower. I dont really know the name of this flower but i really love the smell. Wanginye....I try to figure out the name from friends and few other newsgroup. All that i found out is some of them said the flower is from genus Duranta (which i doubt it so much as the leave is totally different) The flower looks alike though....Some of them said it's duranta repens. The only duranta Erecta that bloom in my garden right now is deep purple in color...It's from the hybrid called "Geisha Girl". In contrast with this one, the purple duranta has a very mild smell (almost cannot be detect at all).

So i think this is not Duranta. Some said it is also called Bunga sundal malam... a typical Malay tag for the flower that has a strong fragrant at night.Some said it is called bunga kerak nasi..like bunga kesidang also called bunga kerak nasi.

so until i finish my quest for the real name for this white lady... do enjoy the picture...

greenest regards

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