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Sunday, August 5, 2007

When the small become less smaller

everything starts from small... i remember this was what i said when somebody from an establish MLM network look down into my small web page , mainly on herbs info 3 years back.The guy...accused me of not having a vision, don't dare to dream big and cursed me ...:) that i will stuck there forever. Well.. now more than three years on the road i still remember what i said..and still believed that everything starts from small....

now when it become less smaller (forgive me for the grammar), more and more people start to visualize a vision that i put years ago.I have one stand that i hold closely to my heart. If you cannot do what you like, like what you do but if you cannot like what you do, try to do what you like.hehe... it's not a tounge twister though...that's what i do ... try to develop something that i love with my heart soul into a money machine...(though now the machine is not fully functioning yet).

For all the support and backup..... i really want to express my gratitude to my beloved husband for believing in me, for strongly stand besides me through thick and thin. For always put his faith in me when others not.For keep on telling me that i'm heading to the right direction and the day of glory will come. To my three lovely daughters that have to spent most of their weekends watching CDs and doing homework in the car,I hope i'm not torturing them.I hope they can understand everything i do, i do it for their own future.(At least they should be grateful that i never left them at home by themselves like most busy mothers will do)...And i hope too... the days of struggling will be over soon. Insyaallah

haha....my blog entry today is so sentimental...anybody cries?

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