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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year 2008

My h/p start buzzing after midnight (purposedly set the mode to vibrate).Text from friends old and new just to say hi and happy new year.It's good to know that you're still in some people's heart eventhough msg that u received could probably shared by few other people.It's amazing how technology can assist you in conveying your thought to other people. In the old days, you probably remember somebody on certain days or occasion but it's to took too much hassle to just let them know that they were remembered. But see, now, you can just SMS them , not just one to one but one to many.For me, i will personally reply any sms i received eventhough it's just a general SMS shared by many other people.At least, to know that i'm worth to be listed in their thought is good enough for me.out of 1 sms that i sent out to 20 friends, i got reply from 18 of them.hmmm...at least only 2 of them may be too busy to reply or never open their inbox or probably treat a general SMS like that as thrash? well guys , the truth is, if i have hundreds of numbers in my address book,to include you in the list of top 20 means you are good enough to be remembered....:)

To my cubicle mate, Wei Ling, were u still sober when you sent me SMS to wish me Happy new year at 3.37 am? It woke me up, felt bizarre and confuse.... Haha..or you're just too drunk to remember?

Today...a strange feeling come to me...a sudden thought, a common fact that never been thought in deep before.Love is like life.... too precious ..and should be given only to those who can appreciate it..*sighs*...

So new year come again.. time fly very fast.alamak malasnya nak tulis.... okay la ...HAPPY NEW YEAR untuk sume....

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