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Sunday, April 6, 2008

The sand, the sea and the sky (with the cloud)

we took last friday off and went back to my hometown in Kelantan.Picture below taken with my RAZR V3X handphone and among the best in my collection. Location of the picture: Pantai Sri Tujuh,Tumpat kelantan.Time taken +- 6 pm.

Going back to my hometown where the life started bring back all memories of old vows, where i promise to myself to be a good child...who would always put my parents on top of any priority list. It's not difficult when you're alone, but it's getting tougher when you have to divide yourself between your parents and your own family.I wish i can spend more time with them, always be around when they need me and fullfill their little wish.I wish my wish will come true one day, before it's too late, cause it's painful just to let this wish turn into regret.

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