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Friday, March 28, 2008

Sail, Dont Drift

There are times in life when i feel that i just want to close my eyes and let everything happen by itself without doing anything. Just close my eyes and let the current drift me to wherever the river flow. Just let whatever happened happen. No energy to try to fix it.No desire to hope. No zest to live... hahaha...sounds like symptoms of depression?... I hope not.

But i know i can't. In life we cannot let ourselve drift. Else we will never reach the destination. Whether the energy level is low or high we must force ourselve to sail.

life comes fully pack with its own indicator. Have u ever notice that sometime u feel that the days seems brighter eventhough the weather is still the same. The grass is greener and the birds chip sounds clearer in your ears than usual? Well... its indicate that you are happy and appreciate life more.

A few snapshot of the blooming buds in my garden yesterday, when i feel the colors of the flowers are more vibrant than usual...:). For those people around me especially family and friends , who make me happy... a million of thanks for coloring my life.

Just now we spent our evening watching movie in HBO - Musics and lyrics... Yes...it's a romantic movie, not our usual choice as Deen normally favour action movie and for me myself it's either horror movie or heavy drama.I'm not a good movie reviewer so you guys better get the info from the official website at : Music and Lyrics . A dialougue between Sophie and her sister Rhonda , catch my ear, which to me is absolutely true.Sophie asked her sister, how can we know when somebody is truly deeply in love with us? Rhonda's answer is : You can know from the way he look at you, the way he touch you , and from everything he did for you..." hahahaha...That's logical, and that's could be the main reason i married Deen. Because i know that he is deeply and truly love me.

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