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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Accepting difference

My second daughter , Syafiqa is definitely distinct from her 2 other siblings. As a baby she was so adorable and cute. As a toddler , she was so alert and sensitive to her environment. She even managed to unscrew her baba's computer backcover using screwdriver at the age of 1 plus. I see her from this angle... she's technically strong and her motor system is exceptionally good. She is sensitive too, she will really show her care when i was in pain or unhealthy or sad.That's the way she put herself dearly in both of her parents heart.

But she is quiet , untalkative and less friendly from the other two.I start to receive complaints from the teachers when she was in kindergarden at the age of 4. She always wandered in the class and hardly pay attention to the teachers. She will talk when she feel like talking and she will stay quiet and keep it to herself anytime she feel like to. Nobody can push her to do what she do not want to do.In the class, she will pay attention whenever she wanted to , but the rest of the time she spent her time wandering around in the class.It drove the teachers crazy and there were times when the teacher lost their patient and start to beat her. She complaint to me that the teacher beat her, and it sure drove me crazy too. So i confronted the teacher to know what was the problem.

At the age of 6, i thought that i wanted something new and different for her. so i took her out from the kindergarden and sent her to pre-school class at her eldest sisters school.she showed some improvement, not that much but enough to make me feel happy.On the acedemic side also she was a lot more better. She can read malay story book by herself and good enough to understand the whole storyline and recited it to me.But still the same complaints i received. She cannot focus, she cannot obey the teachers instruction, she just want to do what she want to do and she has a very litle friends in the class. The pre-school teacher suggested that she undergo some test for autism, in which i agreed. But the test result show that she is as normal as others.

now since she already entered standard one, i received more and more feedback from the teachers( almost on daily basis). The same old comments and complaints. she dont response to teacher question, dont even want to talk to the teachers. On the other side, when i guide her with her homework at home, she is excellent. she knows what she is doing and completely understand all the lesson.This thing worries me so much. I want her to be just like other kids.. enjoy the childhood without so much pressure especially by the teachers. i cannot blame the teachers too.. they are just doing teir job

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