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Monday, February 22, 2010

" once upon a time i was a fool"

I borrow this sentence from one of my fb frens status update not long time ago. "Once upon a time i was a fool", well, eveyone does.However, it is not the measurement of how fool you are is counted, indeed, the true measurement is how much we learn from our foolishness.

anyone can make a mistake, as long as we are normal being, making mistake is part of our living process.It is equivalent to inhale and exhale, breathing. ( well the equilibrium and theory come from me...theee...hehehe...so you guys can always question it).I'm sure many of us have ever did something foolish, damn stupid until we dont even want to think about it back.for me , as long as we cannot think or talk about our foolishness , it indicate that we still never learn anything from it.Once we learn the mistake and try to avoid it, we might want to laugh aloud over our stupidity and talk it over and over again as a lesson learnt.

Just now i accidently stumble upon few of my entries in my (hardcopy) teenage years diaries while revamping the store room looking for my special crochet hook that i've misplaced (well, i did not manage to find the hook till now yet). I just cannot imagine how our teenage brain structure looks like....it's so funny to read some of the funny mistake that i did in my teenage years and the way i handle thing at that time. I event laugh aloud by myself...luckily all in the house was already sound asleep...:-) but that mistake that we did in our teenage years serve as a guidance for us to move forward to our adulthood ...( we can use it to guide our kids too)

to my frens with the above fb status , Life is short, dun ever let 1 stupid mistake ruin your whole life... enjoy life when it is still affordable.

i want to write more, but now is already 2:18 am , need to sleep, 2morrow gotta work... arkk!!!

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