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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The runaway bibik.

Today is the 3rd day that ungrateful bibik run away from our house. Still, the moment wakeup early in the morning i thought i heard she's doing the cleaning downstair before i realized that stupid *** has gone away.

She was gone on exactly the 14th day she was here. It was well planned, its just us who never realized a well planned complot.sebenarnya i feel fishy on the same day i brought her home. the photo in the passport was obviously a different person. i mentioned it to my hubby but i said i can close 1 eye if she's doing a good job. she did. she wokeup as early as 5 ( only 2 times she overslept until 6:00). As i dont allow her to cook( i still cook by myself) or take care of my kids, the only task she did was just housekeeping and take care of the laundry.during weekdays we left her alone at home as the kids went to nursery after school. On the fourth day, i suspect she go out to the shop but she denied it.she said.."mana mungkin kakak... takde passport mana saya berani keluar"...(Cisss...:-)). then i thought its just my mistake as i was too cautious. i never ask her again.

one thing fishy about her was her accent. she speak a lil bit like "orang KL" but of course with indonesian accent. when asked she admit that she was in Malaysia (shah alam) for many-many years. 2 years working in the factory and a few years as bibik , taking care of old sick man in shah alam. owh... how come it was never mention in the particular that i received from the agent. the info said that this bibik never been to Malaysia and this is the firt time.

after a week we have a conversation. then i asked about her 4 months baby that she left with her sister in Medan. i asked her about how long she breastfed her baby and she said she stop only after a month.

me: sayang la bibik..kenapa kamu berenti awal..
bibik: susu tak de sendiri kak..
me: kenapa?
bibik: mungkin sebab saya mengubat orang...
me: ubat orang? kamu terkena buatan orang?
bibik: bukan, saya boleh ubatkan orang
me : macammana?
bibik: saya boleh cari orang hilang, ubatkan orang yang tak dapat anak, bagi mudah bersalin ...ada lain lagi la...
me: oooh... macammana kamu ubatkan?
bibik: saya kena kerasukan. ada benda masuk dalam badan saya.
me: benda tu kamu dapat dari mana?
bibik: nenek saya yang turunkan pada saya. sebab tu saya tak boleh solat kalau saya solat muka saya bengkak-bengkak dan kepala saya kena hantuk-hantk.
me: kalau macam tu nyata-nyata yang kamu dapat tu ilmu salah. syaitan.
bibik: tu la kak..kalau ada duit nanti saya nak buang ( honestly i dun believe her)
me: then masa kat medan kamu ubatkan orang.
bibik: ye.. tapi kat sana penat saja... tak kaya-kaya pun...orang kat sana tak macam orang kat sini ... tak de duit bagi pun sikit2 je..
me: owh..masa kat sini dulu pun kamu ada ubatkan orang?
bibik: banyak... saya pernah naik keta api dari KL ke butterworth sebab ada orang panggil untuk ubatkan dia.

cis..cis... at this point i felt that i was cheated...and feel scary too.. what if she perform a satanic ritual in my house. I'm supposed to let her take care of my coming soon baby. will i dare to let her after i know things like this?

i need to prepare b/fast now. will continue later...:-)


  1. da, is this your real story? My colleague at work also faced the same prob. He's 2 bibiks run away not in the middle of the night but at the early hours and one of them left behind a 'woman'. scary isn't it? my sister's prev bibik is one true liar from medan too. the same story as yours.

  2. akak.. kelakarnya tajuk ni.. the runaway bibik... boleh buat telemovie kt astro prima.. hehe

  3. chik, what does it mean by a 'woman'? my 2nd one also run away dah... huhuhu...i dun want to be mean but i think she's a prostitute b4..well she looks like one...