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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Radix FC

It has been ages since the last time i update this blog. i just move my working corner from my bedroom to the working room to make way for the baby cot. with the moving i pack my home lappy into the bag and just open it yesterday. i tried, several time to post from my handphone but just cannot make myself to do it. somehow when talking about posting long blog entrance, i still need the laptop ( and a proper working corner to get the mood)
Last to week we went sungai Petani to fetch the maid. We stop and have dinner at Radix FC owned by HPA(al-wahida marketing). quite a number of people inside there( the support is ok i guess). seeing all the setting and environment of the restaurant , i m proud that its owned by one of the muslim company. At least we can guarantee that the food is 100% halal.

The taste of the food also not bad.. well..uhh... we cannot really compare it with KFC who has existed so long time ago and has gone through so many iteration of improvement. What i like most was the rozel drink that come with the value meal so you dont have to add money to change from soft drink like other fast food. But as customer, i would like to share a few of my 2 cents ( and no... i dont intent to degrade them , but i hope if somehow this feedback reach them, the company can take it as an input for improvement).

One thing , the food was cold. everything from chicken to bun and mashed potato. And you know what does a cold KFC tasted like. Sorry but i cannot finished my food. There were few other things that i want to feedback that day( now i forgot already) . I was looking around to find any feedback form ( like other new restaurant used to have but cannot find any)

i really like to see them grow. Its kinda of a good feeling to know that muslim also can run such a fastfood like that , but really if they want to move forward, there are still many thing to put into consideration.

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