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Monday, September 12, 2011

Asam pedas tumis

Its has been a while since last time i share my way recipe with u guys..yesterday i made an asam pedas ikan patin that turned out great... lagi sedap dari yang pernah i buat...hehehe... but actually i've left out 2 things that should be in asam pedas, the lemon grass and fresh turmeric ( kunyit hidup). Still it taste great... so dont worry it you dont have those 2 , you can still make a good asam pedas.

here is the original recipe for asam pedas ( my own) so i dont have a accurate measurement ( agak2 je)

1. a few potong of ikan , any of your like... ikan patin, ikan pari, ikan nyot nyot, ikan terubuk...all will do.
2. shallots and garlic..shallots should be more that garlics... dont put to many garlics.
3. Asam pedas essentials of fresh turmeric, lemon grass(serai), daun kesum( i use alot cause it eat the daun kesum... sedap),cili kering or serbuk cili any will do, tarmarind jus or air asam jawa and a lil bit of belacan if you like it.

how? shallots, garlics, serai, turmeric and chilies - finely pounded. heat the pan, pour cooking oil and fry the belacan first, then tumis all the pounded stuff until naik baunya... hehehe... then masukkan air asam jawa and daun kesum. bring it to boil.perisakan with garam and gula, then masukkan ikan , masak hingga ikan masak la...done

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