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Sunday, September 11, 2011

class of life?


Last weekend we when for a family day cum raya open house organize by my hubby’s company. there i met somebody that what i called full of class. The way she talk is something that cannot met my humble style…like we are talking a different language.. yaaa… she’s a country director for the company, but i have met a few of her type previously in my life..(hehehe… i’ve live long enough..) but never i feel awkward and down to earth when i spoke to them. But this one is totally different. may be its unintended but… yup… i felt pity for her… it must be tough  for her to mix around with people from lower class…gulp… class?…rank? kasta? do we still have it in our society? hmmm… no matter how much we deny it… it’s still there..

then my hubby come and asked me why i did not talk much with her… i said the language is different and i prefer to talk to somebody that speak the same language..at that time i was having a conversation with one of my hubby’s  colleague’s  wife. she said… why ? both of you should talk the same language… both of you from manufacturing field… ye… but different position… i reply…Smile


it reminds me to a question from somebody at my workplace to one of the engineer… kak **** tu cuma kawan dengan orang kelas dia je ke?  the engineer reply: mana ada kak **** tu very humble… tengok la kan kan dia kawan dengan saya… saya bukannya kelas dia pun… than the engineer said to me…now u know how people see you… hmmm…what people dont know is..i was always mistaken to a manufacturing operator by many people who dont know who i am…


got class or no class one shpuld always remember that : Apa yang penting disisi Allah adalah iman dan takwa…that’s what will determine our class in Allah’s perspective…

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