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Friday, February 3, 2012

Deenor haberdashery - the manifestation of a dream

when i was small 2 things that i always dream... to be surrounded by plants and garden, living is a garden full of blooming roses and to do what i like to do most sewing ( and knitting and crocheting) and all those needlework. for some unknown  reasons i love needle and yarns so much. when i was young there was one non muslim fren who gauge that in the past life  i was either a tarzan ( who loves tree so much, and live on the tree too) or  one royal seamstress.... hehehe...i embroidery my first handkerchief for the art class when i was 8 and unlike other kids in the class i never stop since then..i sew and embroider my first pencilcase( with zippers too..:))  which received tons of compliments from friends and teachers when i was in standard 4. And still remember i did that using the remnants from my school uniforms. i pickup crocheting when i was 12. its is difficult to learn it bcoz my mum never know how to do it and neither were the people around me.i handmade a dress with crochet edging  for my then babysister ( now already 29) and people who see it never believe that it was done by a 12 years old. i still remember old ladies chit chated with each other and  said... now wonder , her grandmother was a very famous seamstress. i never get a chance to know my grandmother in person. she passed away due to cancer when my father was just 1 year plus. i learnt from old folks around me that she was so beautiful and talented, chased by many2 men but end up maried to my one eyed grandfather. she was once said  , the most beautiful lady in town and people called her "Mekmas kuning manja"( maybe she has jaundice or what i dont know.... hehehehe). my 4th sister ( not me ) is said to resemble her the most , and yes, i believe she is the most beautiful in the family.

so eventhough my talent never brought me far in that area...i still enjoy doing all those things until now. one thing never change. i dream to own my plant nursery and a haberdashery.i tried out of my busy schedule as an engineer, i try to take a break and open an online plant nursery(www.melur.com).  while still working as engineer ,oppurtunity is so huge and big and it was a big success at the beginning,  but i found it hard to coop. with more and more kids come in picture ( i have 4 now) . it is even harder.my mind is occupied with all those engineering jargons and kids and family stuffs  until i cannot shift it to other thing, so i slow down but never consider myself dropping it. i will pick it up one fine day....

then i moved to manegerial position, and my mind is relaxing from so  heavy thinking and i have to manage people. surprisingly it make me more stress. It is when i knit and crochet more and more. in this 2 recent years i have created more stuffs than what i had in last 23 years before.

Deenor haberdashery  is the manfestation of my dream. All the spirit and urge and whatever it is is translated into a reality.  I choose the name DEENOR the combination of my hubby and my name because he is one who always at my side during thick and thin.. he alwizz believe in me and never hinder me from achieving my dream . he always say that i am a person with big heart and dream and i will success someday ( eventhough i question myself WHEN??). Tomorrow is the opening day and i pray so much Allah will show the way and make it easy for me.


  1. Congratulations, Kak Nor.
    Yati tumpang gembira. Untuk opening, tak dapat pergi, tapi Insya-Allah satu hari, akan jenguk haberdashery akak. Best wishes..!
    Dari Puteri Nurhayati, kawan YLM. ^_^

  2. thanks Yati.. so long before i notice this comment... infact dah setahun lebih ye....:-)