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Thursday, February 14, 2013

blogs reengineering process ( mind the typo and spelling error... write in hurry at my workplace akak curi tulang on friday)

i have decided to write any of my  blog entrance in this blog coz its kinda of messy when i have too many blogs.last time..well long2 time ago .. i start blogging ( owh last time it was not call blog, infact its called an online journal) when i was pregnant with my first born. and that make it 13 years ++ ago..hewww... that was long man . unfortunately only the number counted. the fact is i am not an active blogger. i wrote when i  feel like writing and that gap from one post to another can be vary from days to years.... hahaha... this is the list of blogs that i use to have ( some of them might already dead)
1. My first online journal : www.noraida.8k.com this blog was hosted on freeserver.com , one of the pioneer , same leuge as geocities, tripod , yahoo and etc. wahhh... i just checked, the funny thing is it is still ALIVE... whewwwww!!! for many-many years
2. Then i become obsessed with plants, i start to grow plants and event open my own plants nurseries ( only for 1 year because  i cannot manage it well with my busy schedule) . so i create a blog to share my passion in www.melur.com. this a paid domain and i started it in 2003 on my first born 3rd birthday. it was originally hosted at www.hiley.com but when more space and speed and support needed i change to www.exabytes.com.my and it stay until now.This is  not a personal blog , but it is more like a formal knowledge portal
3. Then i need to share my experience about plants so i open www.norsparadise.blogspot.com ( never visit it for more than 3 years i gues...hehehe)
4. I use to have nightmare and dreams sometimes its repeated so i decided to documented my dreams and nightmare.  i created www.diarimimpi.blogspot.com but never update it.. huh.. loser...
5. I am a software engineer , i have codes and tips and techniques that i would like to share with others so created www.technor.blogspot.com but only manage to post 1 entrance or 2 only ..hihihi...
6. www.threadyarn.blogspot.com is my blog for needlework. feel good that it is still active till now.
there are few others that i could not recall and lost track. mr blogger, sorry for wasting so many space in your server. i promise to consolidate and keep one or 2 blogs only... hokeyyy??. this blog is definitely be the one to stay
7. www.resepimajalah.blogspot.com is my another blog.

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