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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Purpose of life- at ELKEN DX career forum

What is the purpose of life? To be rich? To earn as much power? To be most beautiful woman in town?  I am writing this entrance in Elken DX career forum .. dragged here by my dearest n only cousin who I always thought as a sister that I never have. She ask me to follow her to sungai petani without telling me for what. even at the hotel parking i still nagging her to tell me what is that for, and she still refuse to tell. only then when i walk into the hotel lobby i saw there were  so many people in red... what? is the UMNO thing or what?. i search arround and saw ELKEN banner... huh... only then i know. Back to the purpose of life, it always reminds me to the famous Quran aayah , Az- Zariyat: 56

وَمَا خَلَقْتُ الْجِنَّ وَالْإِنْسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ

English( Malik):We have not created jinns and mankind except to worship Me
Malay: Tidak Aku jadikan jin dan manusia selain untuk menyembahKu.

So the forum started with long video display. The funny thing its started at 1:00PM and i haven’t get my lunch yet. At about 1:30 PM, they have what they called RNR? (or something like that) where  the audience have to perform light exercise. i take this opportunity to perform my zohor sholat. when i came back from the musollah, the hall door have been closed and i have to take far entrance to my seat. the forum begin, i hardly can focus cause i m kinda  annoyed to be in this kind of forum. i could spend this hours sewing cloth for my kids at home or have some afternoon nap that i rarely had. Plus my stomach is rumbling, asking for food. Luckily in the door package there are 2 small packs of spirullina biscuits, so i gulp the whole pieces.

Everybody is talking about money; there are mock checks everywhere, 5k 10k 20k... whoaaa.... all so rich meh? There are sharing about people who become millionaire, who earn 100k/month ( oh my... that's my salary for one year), who earn 70k , 50k, 30k per month. Who gained 11k,12k, 13k even just join for less than a month. all the money signs flying everywhere. there are also product demo with the 2 beautiful perfect models...(it kinda offensive for a conservative person like me).yeah.. talking about lingerie show, what else could you expect? so it actually end at 5 pm something, after that i was dragged by cousin to meet her upline upline ( kelantan stockiest). that Chinese lady , a lot younger than me is so said millionaire , try to persuade me to join them.. but yeah the truth is i have a strong stand on anything that i believe... and i never join... lalalala...:-P

Cousin did not try to persuade or do something, maybe because i show her a very-not-interested face after the forum. Back home, hubby asks me what the forum all about is. I said to hubby the forum is so beneficial to me because, i learn to appreciate what i have now, and i will not ask for more. Seeing how eager people to chase for wealth and money make me realize that nothing in this world last forever. Life is very short. i am now to be exact 38 years and 3 months. How long i will live? do i want to use the balance of my live  to chase the never ending wealth and money? When i will spend my time to be close to Allah?

Yes you can earn fast with this business (it’s MLM what...), but it is tough and need sacrifice. First you need to sacrifice you time, with kids and hubby, most importantly your time with Allah. One of the sample in the forum who earn 70k per month spend 6 hours a day to chase for prospect. She spend her time from 7 to 2 pm in school as a teacher, continue from 3PM to 7PM to chase her prospect, continue again from 9 PM to 12 AM . Where is the time for others? She might say, it’s ok i will work hard for only 2 years to be a millionaire, then i can slow down and let my downline to work for me. but who can guarantee that she will still be in this world after 2 years? Even so, who will know what she will lose in the 2 years time. Will she be strong enough to hold her family to stick together within the 2 years... that's the risk I won’t dare to take.

Another point, you are selling and expensive product. Not many people can afford to buy, so you introduce the easy payment scheme... Credit cards payment and so on. When someone cannot buy thing with cash, she actually not afford to buy it. she might become 50% more beautiful when she wear the super duper expensive corset but , is it really  your customer can afford it. What if because she bought the the corset, she cannot pay the debt, and she go bankrupt.... hahahah.. That’s sound exaggerate right?. What if because she bought the corset, she always had quarrel with the husband , BECAUSE they actually cannot afford it?hmmm... this lady ( me la...) think too much lor...so I don’t want to be the reason for all this.

Some more.. i want to improve myself. Currently i will only follow hubby to mosque once a while in the weekend only. I want to do it more often. Currently 2 or 3 days a week I perform sholah, magrib and isyak  with my 4 daughters , i want to do it for 7 days a week . I don’t want to live in rush. I want to recite Quran everyday (Allah... please grant me strength). I want to be a grateful slave to my creator, I want to be a good daughter to my parents and spend as much time as I can with them.

hahahah.. Those who have succeed in ELKEN business that might accidently read my post will probably said... ALASAN.. Well it could be..It depends on our purpose of life.. I might not earn much, but I own most of the things I want (Alhamdulillah).if your purpose of life is to be a millionaire by the age of 30, 40 , 50 or 60, go ahead and chase the dream. That may be the best thing in life for you, even though it is not for me...

dear cousin, most probably you will read this, just want to let you know, I am not mad with you, in fact i thank you so much , cause if you did not bring me to the forum, it is hard for me to see how lucky i am to just be me like today... love you ..muahhh...i might buy the corset , for me only, but will definitely not into the business..

dear readers.. this is my personal opinion , i might be totally wrong, for that i appologize if anything that i have place here is offensive.

lastly , one point to ponder, even money can buy happiness ( by buying what will make you happy) it will never can secure your place in Jannah...Barakallah.

p/s: sorry i did not take any picture in the forum...( not so eager..hehe)

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  1. i like your post. it is so true, more and more people is chasing for wealth and money nowadays..i really respect your stand sis! semoga Allah memberkati usaha kak nor..