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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My 'Gate' aka entrance garden

I call it entrance garden as it it locate at the entrance before the gate. Actually it is just the road divider and place where the town council put the garbage bin. The space is not much, i guess it's about , emm maybe 3" X 5". And i cannot make use the whole space as i have to reserve one alley for the garbage people to collect the garbage. the picture was taken some few months ago when we first move it to the house. we have rearrange it as my hubby said it was to cluttered...well guys...:)actually he's the one who rearrange it while i'm not at home...:)

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  1. yeah...
    bukanke itu pokok bunga kemangi..east coast called..n satu lagi tu,bangun2...suitable for who hav a poblem with breath...