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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cempaka telur / Dwarft magnolia

Today my cempaka telur( dwarf magnolia) is blooming. This is one of the three plants of this kind that i keepin my garden for a year plus.The plant can't grow high 'cause i plant it in a small plastic pot, the pot that i get from the nursery where i bought the plant. Many people call and ask for the flower for come unknown medicinal used, actually i never ask...;) . To know more about this plant you can visit my herbs website at http://melur.com --> cempaka telur.

my cempaka telur, it's really looks like an egg right? but the fragrance is not so strong, indeed you have to get it very close to your nose to smell it...:) some people really looking for the flower for medicinal purpose, something mistic i guess... hehe, who knows?

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