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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Flower from San Francisco 1

Hmm... rememember about the seed that my hubby brought back from San Francisco? the flower really bloom already today and i manage to snap the picture this morning, it's still quite dark and the petal is still not fully open, i'll snap another picture tomorrow. Looks like i become obsess with this flower. It took about 3 weeks from the day the bud come out until it bloom. At first i thought it is just a green round flower without the petals.Personally i feel that the flower is really beautiful, the colors is somewhere in the midle between deep red dan brown. it looks like velvet and so rich. Here's the picture of the plants transformation from seed to the sweet bloom. I'm so happy today.....:)


  1. hye...
    mintak skit seed tu,leh tak...
    erm susah tak jaga pokok nih...

  2. Bolehhhh....tak yah jaga pun, siram air je, 2 minggu sekali kasi baja, okay la dia. nak biji bak address,ada sket lagi, tak sure pokok yang mana sebab dia mix bermacam2 biji ngan medium sekali dlm tin tu.