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Friday, November 24, 2006

Nor's Paradise

my san francisco 1 keep on producing more and more buds. the growth is quite fast as now we're having a rainy season here in penang. It's raining everyday which ocassionally turns into a very heavy downpour. During rainy season, it's good that you dont have to water the plant everyday , but some plant require a lot of attention and care during this season. My pokok sundal malam (tuberose) have to place under the shade as to much water can make the bulb rotten.

Huargghhhh.... i'm going to sleep now. Today is very tiring, we stuck almost 4 hours in the trafic jam.i left my office at 6.15 and reach home at 11.00. of course we have our dinner first. I really hate penang today.....i wish i can go and stay at some greener place like cameron highland....hmmmm...:)

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