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Friday, February 8, 2008

CNY Holiday

This chinese new year holidays...like others in the past few years...we just hibernated at our home in Penang, after all plans were put to end...:). It's kind of quiet here.Today is the 2nd day i was really hibernating and the farthest that i go is the gate.so in the past 2 days what we did were cooking,eating,kaorokeing, play game on our wii, watching cinemax, hbo and AXN and cartoons for the kids...till we feel like vomitting...huarghhh...ooo.... I miss my parent so much at the time like this..so I said to Deen just now... next weekend we're going back to my hometown.

picture taken last weekend at my apartment after our visit there to check on the bathroom sippage complaint by downstair's neighbour.Since our tenant most probably will vacant the house earliest by june... we need to hold our plan to move back there until they move out.

picture taken a few weeks ago. Really forgot where it was taken but i really love to see the closeness and genuine feeling of the father and daughter in this photo.No matter what cha always know how to soften baba's heart... Wa kan anak apaaa... (cam iklan digi tu...hehehe)


  1. Nor
    Ter"inspire" dengan u punya site. Keep on writing, at least make me feel better about myself

  2. Thanks...May be you can share your story too...:)