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Friday, July 30, 2010

crochet days will soon be over

today is the 52th day of my confinement....waaaaa...time fly very fast. class my my 3rd semester of my msc has begun 3 weeks ago and the bad news i've just received last night is i have to register for my dissertation this semester. with 2 papers and the dissertation (plus the new baby alisha) most probably i will end up fail in my dissertation...huk..huk... but the good news is the viva is in june 2011... so i have about 10 months to work on dissertation if i want to grad on august 2011 together with my hubby and my doctor sister who's doing specialist in Patologist.
with bundle of assignment and thesis...no more time to crochet or knitting.But i will still try to steal sometime to update my blog thready yarn to those who order this and that...so solliii... i cannot fullfill the request. the cardigan that i knit just a few rows for my sweet third daughter also will be put on pending status...that little girl keep on reminding me when i m gonna finish her baju...

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