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Sunday, July 25, 2010


today is the 46th day after the delivery and ive past my confinement period. bad headache and not so mild but not so heavy fever today. last night my baby woke up 6 times through out the night and i've to wake up to breastfeed with the heavy head. try to get some afternoon nap today but still fail...

When i was young i spent most of my life in hostel. everytime i got fever, my mother was the only person i need badly at my side. Even now, fever will bring most of my thought to my mother. and even its just a little fever, when we sick we normally think about death..in a sense , its good for us to be reminded.sometimes i just wonder, will somebody cry if i die? will i be remembered and thought in their pray?

there was 1 poem that started with " life is a mixture..." that keep lingering in my head today. life is a mixture of happiness, torment , sad , happy, laugh and tears. Whichever bigger portion determine the life we lead.

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