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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Suluk lunch

Yesterday was the 2nd day we're in Kota Kinabalu Sabah for my BIL wedding. We went to pasar besar kota Kinabalu and have the suluk lunch there ( upstairs)
The dish is made from 'ikan yu' or shark.some people call it serunding ikan yu.eventhough shark has a very 'fish' smell a lot of turmeric and other spices has eliminate the smell away.sorry for the not so good picture. it was taken using my samsung omnia hp as we dont want to take out the big camera coz my hubby dont want to be seem like tourist at his own place...:-) This is Gamai, a type of seaweed. It taste a lil bit salty and eaten with sour sambal belacan or lime juice.
sambal kicap eaten with gamai
And this is another type of seaweed. called birdnest seaweed. the suluks eat by mixing this seaweed with young mango or bambangan( a very sourish mango like fruit) I never get this one prounce right it is called kilau? kemilau? or kunilau or none of this.its basically raw fish of any type , in this case mackerel, soak for while in the hot boling water and mix it with mango , onion , lime juice and salt to taste. yes, it has a very strong fish smell.

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