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Sunday, April 28, 2013

anniversary like no others

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary and the most messy monday ever... hahaha... i got honked  countless time for driving recklessly today ( dont know what happen to me), i cannot finish my research that i suppose to submit last friday..:-( .. i have problem with my shop regarding the maintenance fee... and bla..bla.. now i know why people take leave on their anniversary.. so they will not have a messy anniversary like me...
Anyway... this is what i wrote the past 5 days.. but i dont post it coz i still have no gut to share..( looks like today i gain it already...:-))

" How i should start this entrance? which one is better. 1. today is another 5 days to our 14th  wedding anniversary, or 2. today is 14th day after my dearest hubby operation to remove the cancerous tumour from his tounge ( hubby was diagnosed with SCC tounge T1 and operation has been done to remove 2cm( diameter) of the back of his tounge).
well, definitely the first option sounds better yes...so dear Hubby..happy anniversary and 14 years together is the most glorious year in my life. Thanks for the love and care and i will definitely never find a true and sincerely love such as yours.thanks for the great life and good kids... above of all,  thanks for everything <3>life is just like this... one moment your life is full of laughter and joy and suddenly something unexpected happen.the distance between hapiness and torment is just the blink of the eye... but it is rare that life give you no option. option is always there. though , there are times in life when the understanding and strength are very much in demand. But Allah is always there, and like dearest hubby said, "there must be some hikmah in there, just be strong and have faith.stop crying and don't be sad, coz someday we will remember these days as just one of the phases in life." well yeah... it is.. come what may we will face it together, till death do us apart temporarily before in Jannah we will be together again, Insyaa Allah."

that's what i wrote last week...
so.. the grieving time is over now. come the fighting time, ah..all of us are  fighters right? if not we wont belong in this world.our existance was a result of one sperm which successfully won the fighting againts other million of sperms...:-)
this is time to  be  grateful. i am grateful that we detect it early while it is still in stage 1, i am grateful that Allah give us strength ( eventhough i almost fainted the first time i know it). I am grateful that Allah give me  strength to do whatever i have to do to help my husband ( hehehe... after 2 days of crying i never cry anymore).

Eventhough there are some  glitch in our daily life hapiness ( most of it involved food..:-) , i am grateful that my husband still have good appetite and still enjoy food). there are times when the kids said, lets go mama, treat us at seoul garden with your new salary ( i just got my salary increment..Alhamdulillah) and i have to say.. your Baba cannot eat meat so we have to think of other place..( emm..save my pockets in some way). there are times when we went to a holiday and i have to pack the blender and the leaves of belalai gajah(http://www.melur.com/myherba.asp?plant_id=280&cat=HERBA)  and green apple together with us because he is on the daily jus intake.now we are waiting for the result of the surgical margin, which should be known by this coming friday. if the surgical margin is clean no chemotheraphy or radiotheraphy needed. InsyaAllah.

today is also the first day dear hubby go back  to work after 3 weeks MC, that's why it is not appropriate for us to be on leave today...whatever happened.. i hope it will make our relationship stronger . we have been together for 14 years ( in marriage) + 3 years( before marriage). we have gone through hitch and glitch in life. so far we are still good...Insya Allah.

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