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Thursday, April 18, 2013

dunia ini pinjam pinjaman

its has been exactly 10 days since my life has been shake by series of unexpected things. never cross my mind before  that ujian ini akan menimpa kami.8 april 2013 , early morning when i was driving to work, suddenly one thing cross my mind. my childhood life is full of difficulties, and my teenage years was not so pleasant as well ( eventhough not so bad). but since i was married my life was happy and full of laughter.i feel grateful and Syukur Alhamdulillah for all this gift of life.

but that afternoon i was shocked to death by a news.speechless and the only sound coming out from me at the moment is just weeping sound.it took me one day before  i recover and realize that i must be strong for the sake of my dearest husband. i need to be strong for him to be strong and be able to fight. This is a test from Allah and we will stand together to face it.Insyaallah we will always be together in this life till jannah. Dunia ini pinjam pinjaman, akhirat jua kekal abadi.

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