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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Not just a cup of tea

Today is the fourth day i become a full time stay at home mommy... just  the fourth day...after spending 15 years of my after graduation life working and working...

Today is also the first day i dry my cloth under the sun after so many years of using the dryer...yep..lazy mummy rather spend on monthy high utility bill because all this while..she went out before the sun and came back home only after the sunset....the smell of the fresh laundry always make me calm... it is sort of indication that i have a lot of free time and can leisurely enjoy it..

But is that true a life of a SAHM is so leisurely free? I doutb so..even when i was working i know that a life of a housewife is not just a cup of tea..it is a cup of tea with a creamy double cheese cake and a good chicken parmagiana with a juicy beef lasagna...a chance to be one during the weekend among my working days told me  so. I never have a chance to lie down my back even a minute during weekend..there were so many backlogs to be cleared. Let alone enjoying a tv show...

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