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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Simple life 1- Prawn Briyani Maggi

8th day of my jobless diary...

Prawn briyani
This is the loose end version of prawn briyani where i use  perencah briyani maggi...:) and just ordinary rice not basmathi rice..cheaper lol

You need:
1. A pack of perencah briyani maggi
2. A big red onion (shallot)
3. A big tablespoon of butter

1. Wash the rice , rinse well and toss it to drainbyhe water.
2. Melt the butter in the rice cooker. Make sure you press down the cook button until the butter melt. When it melt you can stop forcing the cook button down because it will stay there by itself.
2. When the butter is hot enough,Saute the onion. Mix yhe whole packet of perencah briyani maggi with the onion and continue to stir.
3. Mix the rice and continue to stir untill allbrice is cover by the spice.
4. Add enough water( around 1/2 inch) on top of the rice. Add  10 medium size prawns and cook in usual way you cook the rice.

Eat it with chicken curry or  prawn in sauce  together with acar timun(cucumber salad)

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